The rules of the Competition

>> The rules of the Competition <<

General informations
1. The organizers of The Best Publications on Mounatins 3rd International Competition, here-in-after stated as the Competition, are as follows:

  • The Central Mountain Tourism Centre (COTG PTTK) in Cracow,
  • Trade Fair Ltd. in Cracow,
  • Karpaty Publisher – Andrzej Łączyński in Cracow.
2. The goal of the Competitionis is to promote Polish and foreign-languages publications on both Polish and world mountains and on the topics related to the mountains, as it is stated in the rules.
3. The participation in the Competition is free of charge for the publishers and without any registration fee.
4. The members of the Jury represent:
  • The Mountain Tourism Commission of the Main Board of PTTK,
  • The Central Mountain Tourism Centre in Cracow,
  • Trade Fair Ltd. in Cracow,
  • Karpaty Publisher – Andrzej Łączyński in Cracow.
The Jury reserve the right to expand their composition of the authors and the publishers as well as the representatives of the companies and the organizations on mountains.
5. The Competition to be held under the patronage of:
  • the Chairman of the Main Board of PTTK,
  • the Chairman of Małopolska Tourist Organization in Cracow.
6. The date of the Competition is associated each year with the date of the International Book Fair in Cracow, and the ceremonial meeting with the participants of the 3rd edition of the Competition will take place during the 22nd International Book Fair in Cracow which will take place from 25 to 28 October, 2018 in EXPO Hall in Cracow, at ul. Galicyjska 9.
7. The publications presented at the Competition will be displayed on the 22nd International Book Fair in Cracow exhibition in the allocated stands of the Central Mountain Tourism Centre (COTG PTTK) and of Karpaty Publisher – Andrzej Łączyński.
8. The publications whose the authors, the editors or the reviewers are the members of the Jury are excluded from the Competition.

The rules of the Competition
1. The publications equivalent to A1 or B1 quire (e.g. 16 pages of A5 or 16 pages of B5) are to be subject of the evaluation of the Jury. This requirement does not apply to the maps submitted to the Competition.
2. The Competition is open to publishing, commissioning or distributing tourist, sightseeing, popular science and other publications about mountains or topics related to the mountains. The application could be submitted by:
  • publisher,
  • Polish representative of foreign publisher,
  • commissioning the edition,
  • author (authors),
  • artistic association,
  • national or landscape park,
  • local government,
  • social organization or association,
  • wholesale of tourist publications,
  • other institutions and organizations not mentioned above after prior agreement with COTG PTTK in Cracow. The correspondence address is as follows: Centralny Ośrodek Turystyki Górskiej PTTK w Krakowie, ul. Jagiellońska 6, 31-010 Kraków, or by e-mail:, phone; +48 12 422 28 40, int. 10.
3. Each applicant may submit to the Competition any number of titles of the publications that have appeared with the date of issue since 2014 included. The same issues of publishing houses that have participated in previous editions of the Competition (or subsequent editions without major changes) cannot be submitted. In case of multi-volume publications (encyclopedias and others), the whole titles are admitted to the Competition, the first volume of which could have been published before 2014, and the last volumes from 2014.
4. The publications submitted for the Competition, regardless of the language of the publication, will be assessed by the Jury in the following categories:
- albums,
- guidebooks,
- popular science, monographs and others,
- literary prose on mountains,
- maps,
- atlases, encyclopedias, vocabularies of names, places, objects, nature and others.
5. The participation in the Competition is conditioned by:
  • sending or submitting a registration form in a similar period for subsequent editions of the Competition. During the 3rd Competition it is the time to 20th September, 2018 (inclusive). The application form should be completed separately for each submitted title. Together with the form, one copy of each of the titles announced for the Competition should be sent to the following address:
    Centralny Ośrodek Turystyki Górskiej PTTK, ul. Jagiellońska 6, 31-010 Kraków, Polska, with a note ‘The Best Publications on Mountains Competition’;
  • the day of 20th September of the year in which the Competition is organized is the date in which the application forms and the copies of the submitted publications must be placed at the above-mentioned address.
6. The application form is available on, or It should be filled in by entering, among others: full name or first and last name and address of the applicant, with telephone number and e-mail address;
  • name and surname of the person authorized by the applicant to contact the organizers of the Competition, with his/her phone number and e-mail address;
  • the title of the publication, its author (s), the publisher, place and year of issue, the issue or resume number, possible ISBN number and the statutory category to which the publication is entered in the Competition. The publications can only be submitted to one selected category.
7. The publications must be sent on the expenses of the sender and should be suitably protected against the damages.
8. The organizers reserve the right to change the statutory category to which the publication has been submitted, if this results from an incorrect classification of the title to a given category by the applicant.
9. The organizers reserve the right to eliminate from the Competition the publications, which do not bear the characteristics of the literature related to its subject with the mountains or do not meet the conditions of the Competition rules. These publications will not be returned to the senders and will be donated for socially useful purposes (libraries, schools or others).
11. The subject of the Competition Jury's evaluation will be the substantive content of the publications, an interesting or little known subject, their utility, a form of presenting the values of the described area or subject matter, and the editorial level.
12. The winners of the Competition will receive the honourable diplomas and the trophies for the first, the second and the third awards in every categories or, if any, for the best publication in Polish, if it was not awarded the first to the third places in a given category. The Competition Jury has the right not to award all statutory places for the winners in individual categories.
13. In addition to the places for the winners, it is possible to award distinctions by the organizers of the Competition, its patrons, the press, local governments, organizations and companies associated with the mountains or mountain tourism.
14. The publishers of the winners or awarded in the Competition, in any editions or in printings, in advertising materials or on stickers for these publications, may have information about the occupied place or honor in the Competition along with the electronic form of the logo received from the organizers.
15. The verdict of the Competition Jury's work and the list of awards will be announced no later than on Tuesday in the week in which the next International Book Fair in Cracow will begin (in 2018 it will be 23rd October), on the following websites: and, as well as will be sent to the electronic addresses of Competition participants provided in the application forms.
16. The ceremonial presentation of honorary statuettes and diplomas to the winners of the Competition, as well as the awards granted, will take place on the second day of the next International Book Fair in Cracow and is related to their date. In 2018, during the 22nd International Book Fair in Cracow it will be 26th October at 12.00. The room in which the ceremony will take place will be given to the participants of the Competition, including the verdict of the Competition Jury, and a list of awards granted. The participants who will not be able to come to the ceremony will receive trophies or diplomas by post.
17. The above mentioned rules of the Competition are available on and where you will also find any current news concerning it.

The final decisions
1. The organizers reserve the right to promote the Competition in the media with free use of publications submitted to the Competition.
2. After finishing the Competition all publications will be given without charge to The Central Mountain Library of PTTK in Cracow (the second largest of this type in Europe), at ul. Jagiellońska 6, 31-010 Kraków where they will be available according to the general rules of the Library.
3. The members of the Jury as well as the organizers of the competition are working for free.
4. The minutes in written form of the Jury’s meetings will be availabvle to all the members of the Jury and the organizers in five working days at the latest after finishing the meetings.
These rules are effective from 20th July, 2016, with amendments introduced by 1st January, 2018.

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